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FLEXTAIL MAX SUP PUMP - 20PSI Cordless Rechargeable Air Pump for SUP & KITE

FLEXTAIL MAX SUP PUMP - 20PSI Cordless Rechargeable Air Pump for SUP & KITE

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Imagine you and your friends want to have some fun with your new-bought SUP during the summer. It is daunting to pump that big SUP manually. Or, you are lucky enough to be able to get an electric pump, but you can't drive the car to the shore or there's no power supply. 

In the past decade, FLEXTAIL engineers have explored more professional laboratories and have launched more than 10 varieties of outdoor air pumps.This time we bring the MAX SUP PUMP for SUP RIDER & KITE SURFER . The exclusive 3 smart modes(SUP/KITE/MAT) easily meet your different needs.Only need 6mins to Inflate your paddle board with the MAX SUP PUMP.

MAX SUP PUMP Lite weighs 1.2kg and the MAX SUP PUMP weighs 1.7kg with battery. With 9600mAh built-in battery, you can forget all the hassles from tangling cords. The hidden handle won’t take extra space and allows you to carry it more easily. With its streamlined look and bright orange color, it will be your coolest partner.

MAX SUP PUMP features the automatic dual stage system and powered by the Airvortech Technology, which enables it to achieve maximum efficiency while keeping the lightweight. Different from the SUP PUMP on the market, the MAX SUP PUMP can be used independently of the centrifugal pump system under MAT Mode.

MAX SUP PUMP can reach 8.5 kPa in only 73 seconds with Maximum speed at  360L/min at the first stage. Saves your time for the initial stage inflation. During the stage two, it can fast increase pressure from 8.5 kPa to the required pressure with Maximum pressure at 90L/min. Say goodbye to the hand-pumping! Only 6mins can inflate a 13PSI Paddle Board (10'6'' x 32'' x 6'').

Patented interior design prevents your MAX SUP PUMP from overheating and keeps its max performance and product life.  

MAX SUP PUMP has three modes(SUP/KITE/MAT) to meet your different needs and make your operation easier. It helps you locate the needed pressure at one single click(Still you are free to manually select the pressure you want).

"SUP" Mode: the default pressure is 15 PSI. It is best suited for SUPs and other inflatable products that require pressure up to 15 PSI.

"KITE" Mode: the default pressure is 6 PSI. It is best suited for surfing kites and other inflatable products that require pressure up to 6 PSI.

"MAT" Mode: MAT mode is suitable for products needing less than 6.5 kPa, such as air bed, inflatable sofa, swimming pool, etc. Under "MAT" Mode, only the centrifugal pump will start working to quickly inflate your large inflatable products at a high speed of 350L/min.Set a timer from 1 to 10 mins and monitor will count down the time for inflation/deflation. 

Equipped with 9600mAh rechargeable battery, it enough to pump up 6 SUPs or 10 Surfing kites or 18 Queen sized inflatable Mats in a row. No hassles needed. 

With the digital display you can preset your desired PSI/Modes and monitor the pressure in real time.The digital sensor accuracy of MAX SUP PUMP reaches  0.1 PSI.You also can easily switch the unit systems between BAR and PSI. 

MAX SUP PUMP will  automatically shut off when it reaches the preset pressure, no need to worry about over-inflation. In addition, the Memory Function will automatically recall the previously set pressure for the next inflation.

After paddleboarding and surfing,you can use deflate function helps you quickly pack up under all 3 modes.Hassle free!

The travel lock design prevents accidental activation of the product while traveling or in a state of non-use. When it is locked, the MAX SUP PUMP will not start.

Two way working. Beside the battery powered,you can also connect it to your car's 12V DC connector. Pump will working directly instead of battery powered.No more worries when MAX SUP PUMP runs out of battery or forgets to charge.

MAX SUP PUMP can be charged through a fast type-c port. It only takes 8h to be fully charged, and one charge can meet all outdoor and indoor needs anytime anywhere. It has a charging indicator light, you can know the charging status at any time.

6 nozzles is suitable to SUP brands including Board Red Paddle, IRocker, ISLE, Bluefin ROC, Nixy, Fanatic, Atoll, Bote Body Glove, Peak, Dynamo, Fanatic, Hero Hydro-Force, Advanced Element, Penguin, Thurso Blackfin, Focus Hawaii, Sea Lion, Newport Vessels SUP-YAK, SCOUT. Also, you can also use it on other inflatable products, such as swimming pools, tents, etc.

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